Tour Edge Exotics E723 Driver

  • FLIGHT TUNING SYSTEM - MOI+ allows you to move the CG position to """"""""tune in"""""""" an improved ball flight and amazing forgiveness.
  • 360° RIDGEBACK TECHNOLOGY creates incredible sound and feel and contributes to the super high moi.
  • QUAD CARBON TECHNOLOGY lightweight carbon in 4 places moves weight to boost moi and create amazing forgiveness.
  • DIAMOND FACE VFT produces faster ball speeds from all parts of the face.
Available in the following models
Heads (Adjustable): Right Hand 9.0°, 10.5°, 12.0° / Left Hand 10.5°
Recommended Shafts:
Air Speeder (L,A,R)
Tensei AV Blue 65 w/ Xlink (R,S,X)