Soft Wrap TC Swing Grips

Less Taper. More Distance

Taper Control Technology is engineered to create a larger low hand profile reducing taper to minimize grip pressure. Lighter Grip pressure increases clubhead speed for greater distance and promotes a square face at impact maximizing swing efficiency.  
  • - Proprietary ControlTac compound offers ultimate sticky soft feel for superior comfort, dampened vibrations and enhanced tactile performance under any conditions.
  • - GeoSpeed Channels are geometrically designed to reduce grip pressure, optimizing energy transference and maximizing speed at impact. Deep, ergonomic channels provided superior comfort.
  • - 100% Made in America
Performance Characteristics:
  • - Feel Level: Soft
  • - Tack Level: High
  • - Wet Friction Level: Mid
  • - Feedback Level: Mid

Category: Swing Grips

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